Poetry for our Peanuts


In this month of love, we thought we’d express our devotion to our brood through poetry. And what better way than through the time-tested (and grade-school approved!) acrostic? Enjoy!

For Destiny’s youngsters…

Jumping doodlebug, doing gymnastics all over the house,

On the couch, across the floor, my biggest

Little one isn’t so little anymore. A special place

In my heart she will hold, my

Eldest, my Jolie Bear, my almost 10-year old.


Rhettster, Rhett-Rhett, or just plain old Bud.

He is sensitive to his core,

Ever striving for perfection.

Trying at times, but what little boy isn’t? When he

Tells me he loves me and gives me a kiss, I know it’s from the heart.


Poo is her favorite subject, she’s just at that

Age. Soon she’ll move on to other less disgusting subjects, like boy bands or beads.

I am loving watching my youngest grow, for

She’s no longer a baby. A little girl, not quite a young lady, but always my

Lovebug. Her devilish grin, her twinkling

Eyes, she can capture your heart in an instant.

You watch as my baby girl scoops up the world in the palm of her hand.


And now for Lacey’s wee ones…

Curls of gold bounce as she wiggles
Over, under, around–climbing everything.
Let her be, watch, adore her
Endless energy
Twirling, spinning, composing original
Tunes that narrate every move and thought
Ever and always my baby girl

What will he be?
Is he a charmer like his daddy?
Level- headed like his mommy?
Lavishing lovies like his sister?
Is he the sensitive soul of his namesake?
All that he becomes, he will be
My little one whom I adore