It’s Enlightened Me…


Most people make New Year’s resolutions just before the new year in order to hit it hard once the ball drops…or once the hangover wears off the following day. I, on the other hand, have to let mine stew. I mean, the typical ones go without saying. I’m going to exercise more (so far, so good), I’m going to make healthier food choices (if you forget the brownie I just ate, I’m doing alright)…but the real resolutions…the ones that you want to frame your whole year to make it stand out as better than the year before, those are the ones that take some time to brew.

So my sister came up with this idea–actually, I think she got it from Vivid & Brave, this totally awesome female-run website for female bloggers–to have a quotation as a mantra for the year. The idea is to reference this quotation whenever you feel off track, or whenever you simply need some inspiration. You can make a sticky note to remind yourself of your goal and why you are doing what you are doing. Or, in my case, tattoo it on my hand in Sharpie since I need a constant reminder to keep my ass in line. Continue reading